May 2, 2016 

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Old School music vs New Music 

With so many styles with music and the artists you can hear the sound of music going in so man different directions. Some would say that they love the old school hits of the 80s and 90s & early 2000s, others say they enjoy the new music with its Melodic waves that offer more of a beat than a message. I as a dj have to play them all and get to know what the difference of the newer artists and the style and vibe they all deliver, also as a dj i am constantly being asked to play older music like Micheal Jackson greatest hits or Hip hop that was played on Yo Mtv raps like Ice Cube , Scarface, Too Short ,NWA and Wutang Clan. The music Pallet for some styles has to be open in todays music. With new technology and the internet music tastes are very eclectic its an exciting time in genre of music and the art of being an Artist in the end its all art whether it be colorful art of music or the strange art of the music format. Which music do you prefer when it comes to your selections , are you a open format music lover which is open to all kinds of music or are you into a certain genre that you are drawn to ? There will be more discussions on this subject during the week tune in to my daily show on 93.7 the beat at 6pm -10pm as I will be opening up phone lines asking your thoughts on music today and your favorites . leave comments here thanks 




APRIL 28, 2017


WHOS IS THE BETTER RAPPER  photoeminem-fack-live

Joe Biz 3/6/17 Nicki Minaj will she ever respond does she have to respond ?

IT HAS BEEN OVER 5 DAYS SINCE REMY MA HAS DROPPED HER DISS TRACK TOWARDS NICKI , THE TRACK IS TITLED SHEETHER. REMY WENT ON A 7 MIN DISS AND STATED LOTS OF ISSUES. SOME SAY THAT THIS HAS BEEN BREWING FOR A WHILE EVEN RIGHT BEFORE REMY WENT AWAY FOR SOME TIME. NICKI HAS NOT REALLY RESPONDED WITH ANY BARS ONLY TWEETS AND TEXTS TO TREY SONGZ AND CHARLAMAINE THA GOD AND EBRO. BACK WHEN JAY Z DROPPED TAKE OVER SOME SAID THAT NAS WAS OVER AND THAT THERE WAS NO WAY NAS COULD RECOVER AND 9 MONTHS LATER HE DROPPED ETHER, SO IT COULD BE THERE IS REALLY NO TIME LIMIT ON NICKI RESPONSE OR IF SHE REPLYS AT ALL. THE CHATTER IS THAT THIS IS GREAT FOR HIP HOP AND RAPPERS TO FINE TUNE AND SHARPEN THERE SKILLS, FOR INSTANCE FOXY BROWN ACTUALLY RESPONDS TO REMY WITH A DISS TRACK BECAUSE IN SHEETHER SHE FEELS AS IF SHE WAS MENTIONED. I GUESS FOR NOW WILL WATCH THIS WHOLE STORY CLOSELY AND SEE WHERE IT GOES, WHAT IS YOUR THOUGHTS LEAVE THEM IN THE COMMENT SECTION. nicki_minaj_at_other_woman_premier by Joebiz | Feb 16, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments Your comment is awaiting moderation. Beyonce and The Grammy Awards, recently she was nominated for multiple grammys and took home 2 and Adele took home 5. Adele during her acceptance speech she did mention is some way that Beyonce was more deserving of the awards and that the album Lemonade was her favorite most inspiring album. The thing is the folks at the grammys did not see it that way, there is was even comments from the Hip hop and RnB community stating they believe Beyonce was ignored once again. Carlos Santana even went as far to say that Beyonce was not a singer. In my opinion from a fan of music and talent I see the talent in all artists and there movements and knowing Beyonce when she was in Destiny child the rnb group she definitely can sing and has the talent. will keep you all updated on the hype of this recent discussions of the recent grammys and gossip right here at the people station the beat. leave your comments and thank youjoe-biz-small-ad-2